HP Webcam Driver Download and Fix Other Common Issues


Most HP laptops are not integrated with webcams for the purpose of capturing pictures and initiating video chat. HP desktop users are usually required to buy external webcams from any manufacturer including HP. Also, people prefer buying separate webcam devices to explore a better vision with high resolution cameras.

Download Drivers for Webcam- Owning a webcam from HP or a third-party manufacturer like Logitech, then very manufacturer has easy method of downloading drivers for their products. Usually such information is provided in the user’s guide. Moreover, customers can also contact their respective support teams like for HP webcams, there is an HP support phone number. So, read the device manual and install the major drivers by running the disk that came along or from the given websites. Most companies provide the drivers for their products at no cost, therefore make sure that you are not paying someone for webcam drivers.

Setup Webcam-

  • if your computer does not have an inbuilt webcam, then get an external from any manufacturer that support.
  • For the devices that have inbuilt camera, click on Windows button in the left bottom corner and type Camera and access the application.
  • If you are able to see the image in camera window, congratulations your camera is active now.
  • If you are unable to see an image after opening Camera application, then open Device Manager by typing in the search window
  • Look for Video, Imaging or Camera drivers and right click to remove
  • After removing the drivers, reboot your computer and reopen Camera app to check if it is working

When your computer is facing problems yet in displaying images in camera, contact on HP technical support number to get your laptop repaired. There can be additional driver or software related problem in your computer, which is evidently causing issues in accessing the camera.

There are common issues in webcams as that may occur unexpectedly, therefore these easy tips can be helpful to any users in such conditions.

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