HP Printer Wireless Easy Installation and Setup Guide

In order to take full privilege of your HP printer device, you must need to configure it on your home or office wireless network. Usually, some customers do not like to bother, so simply start printing using USB wire. Connecting HP printer to a wireless network is an absolute easy job, wherein you can contact HP Support Number and take help from their experts or by following manual instructions given in the guide.



Now let’s get started to set up and install a new printer:

Install hardware properly- On unboxing a new HP printer, the box contains objects like:

  • Ink Cartridges or Toner
  • Printer setup guide
  • Power cord
  • USB wire
  • Paper tray

Now read the setup guide and follow the instruction step by step to install all the hardware properly. On having everything installed, turn the printer on and follow the screen guide to customize settings. During the setup your HP printer will prompt and show available network, next you will have to choose your Internet and enter password to allow wireless printing.

Note– Some printers could be complicated to setup for veteran users, wherein they can take help from a family or friend or speak to an HP Printer Support executive.

Making HP Printer Wireless-The process of connecting a new HP printer to wireless network could be vary based on specific models, but if your printer has a screen with integrated features. Follow further instructions:

  • Insert the disk loaded with printer software and drivers
  • Initiate driver installation by accepting the terms & conditions
  • Select Wireless in the prompted screen for type of connection
  • And remove the USB wire, plugged in
  • On successful configuration of wireless printer, print a test page

If you do not have DVD player integrated in your PC, then download the latest HP printer drivers at https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers by supplying the right model number for your device.

Points to Remember

  1. Some Internet routers do have advance firewall settings enabled that will disallow your printer to configure on Wi-Fi. In such conditions, contact to your Internet Service Provider and let them know the error or contact HP Printer Helpline Number and let HP technicians try resolving Internet problem remotely.
  2. Sometimes your computer antivirus or Internet security would not allow installation of a wireless HP Printer, wherein you can disable your computer security temporarily and configure the printer.
  3. Installation wrong driver can cause mean-less issues while printing or scanning, wherein uninstalling old drivers and reinstalling the correct and latest will remedy such situation.

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